Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canned Monstrosities

One of the things I really like about Halloween is the do it yourself aspect. This site has a fun project of making creepy specimens in a jar. I like the fun he has with describing the labeling.

"The label is extremely important! The label will be looked at and read by everyone who examines your jar. It not only sets the "mood" but it should hint at a story behind the contents of the bottle. Use words that reflect the how, why, and when of the specimen. In the case of this test subject the text reflects the impersonal and scientific process poor #13 was subjected to. It also hints at more - where are subjects 1 through 12? Were there any after 13? Also, #13's sad fate is alluded to with "Survived 8 minutes 9 seconds." And where is his skin?"

Check it out.

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